Woven Electronics: Your Source for Custom Microwave/RF Solutions

RF-Microwave Coax Optimized for Space and Weight Savings

Woven’s weaving technology optimizes cable assemblies to save space and installed costs

by Linda Dailey Paulson

Woven Electronics has a long-standing reputation as a provider of ribbonized cable and interconnect technologies, but even our established customers are surprised to learn that we also specialize in creating RF and microwave assemblies and harnesses. Your design team may not realize that we provide custom analog and digital solutions able to meet your unique performance, packaging, and pricing specifications.

Whether it’s ribbonized coax cable, custom backshells, miniaturized packaging, or complex harness assemblies preshaped to drop into a product, we can package an RF/microwave assembly to meet your project’s specific requirements.

Woven Electronics is your comprehensive resource for components that aren’t available elsewhere. When an off-the-shelf solution won’t work in your intended application or if a product simply isn’t available, we can help you engineer a custom RF or microwave harness that meets your project’s performance requirements.

We are a comprehensive design and packaging resource. We can quickly prototype an RF/microwave assembly product and then reproduce it in the small or medium volume you need.

Aerospace assembly

The assembly shown above was designed for a customer in the aerospace industry. This assembly is rigid and preforms such that it can be dropped into a cavity and maintain its shape. It is also constructed such that any repairs that might be required can be made through a central conduit, eliminating any need for routing through the structure that would be holding the assembly.

Many customers with whom we have established relationships are predominantly in the aerospace industry or military. We have also worked with firms to create interconnect solutions designed for use in radar systems, test and instrumentation devices, and communication backhaul networks.

Among the mechanical solutions we provide are custom cable packaging, custom backshells and connectors, and hand-formable or flexible coax assemblies. We can also make harnesses and assemblies in lengths and configurations you can’t find elsewhere. This includes assemblies that can be easily replaced in the field.

There is also a wide variety of electrical solutions we provide, including packaging for coax, power lines, and fiber optical cable. We offer high-speed data cables, matched impedance RF cables, and phase-matching to 18 GHz is also available.

Think of Woven Electronics as your partner in the design process. Although you know us as a resource for generic and woven cable assembly, we can perform a consulting role in bringing your products using RF and microwave technologies to market, regardless of the application. If you have a mission-critical interconnect challenge, we can help you solve it with a custom solution.

As an expert in interconnect technologies, we can develop, document, and build a custom interconnect for you. We solve your challenges and work with you. Need to eliminate routing? We can help. Want a specially draped or preformed harness able to fit in a snug cavity? We can create a solution.

To obtain more information about how Woven Electronics can meet your specific needs for an RF/microwave-based assembly or other interconnect products, please contact us at (877) 539-6836 or via this online form.

Woven Electronics is a nearly 50-year-old, United States-based firm focused on supplying cable assemblies and other products to companies in the military and aerospace industries. Woven Electronics specializes in developing and fabricating custom assemblies that cannot be easily sourced elsewhere, and has extensive experience in small- to medium-sized production runs of unique products.

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