Woven Electronics Receives Boeing Cost Avoidance Award

Boeing Cost Avoidance

Woven Electronics Saves over one million dollars on the Boeing JDAM munitions system.

Boeing recognizes Woven Electronics’ commitment to lean manufacturing with the Boeing Cost Avoidance Award. Since 2000, Woven Electronics has initiated dramatic measures to maintain manufacturing practices that adhere to this “lean” approach. Working with Boeing as part of a lean improvement program, Woven has successfully applied Six Sigma strategies to reduce lead-time, inventory and waste as part of the Supplier Partnership Initiative. This initiative utilizes applied strategies to control the manufacturing process to effectively improve delivery time, reduce cost, and enhance product quality. What started as Boeing’s lean improvement program for its suppliers has grown into a partnership benefiting both companies. Utilizing the techniques and practices learned from Boeing, Woven has developed their own standards that strengthen the design and construction of their Boeing products while capably reducing the cost of manufacturing. Woven Electronics proudly accepts the Boeing Cost Avoidance Award as evidence that this partnership and these efforts are mutually successful.

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