B/E Aerospace is pleased to announce that Woven Electronics achieves Boeing Digital Product Definition (DPD) certification. With this certification, Woven complies with Boeing’s requirements for its authorized suppliers.
Woven Electronics, a leading supplier of woven and conventional cable harnesses, backshells and connectors to the aerospace industry, plans to utilize their Boeing DPD Certification to ensure a timely and streamlined process of design, engineering, manufacturing and delivery of Woven products to the client. In achieving DPD Certification, Woven obtains the ability to receive and process an original file of engineering specifications from the client, including 3D media and CAD files. Once files are received at Woven, procedures, tools, and documentation are all in place to begin the design and engineering phase while maintaining compliance with the original file. This application of processes maintains traceability and integrity of the data received through software installed with the original file. The result is a more effective, economical method of file generation which further transfers to a higher level of product manufacturing efficiency.
Working with Boeing representatives, Woven Electronics achieved DPD certification through a rigorous development process. This process includes verification of conformance and capabilities related to DPD and comprehensive procedures to assure integrity of product engineering and/or tooling from the time the files are received to quality assurance and delivery of the final product back to Boeing. To ensure consistent implementation across all phases, each element of the design and engineering process is extensively documented utilizing intensive change control measures maintained with DPD requirements.  Jose Estevez, Woven’s VP of Sales and Engineering points out “Achieving Boeing DPD certification is a confirmation of Woven Electronics Engineering investment which improves quality and reduces lead-times”. 

About Woven Electronics
Woven Electronics has 50 years of experience providing innovative, versatile, and reliably engineered products for the aerospace industry. These highly specialized, interconnect products meet the critical and unique engineering demands for today’s technology-driven markets while ensuring timely execution and delivery. With DPD Certification from Boeing, Woven Electronics further enhances its position as an industry-leading supplier of superior products engineered for aero systems.

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