Woven Electronics is the premier designer and integrator of interconnect and assembly packaging solutions.

Woven Simpsonville

Woven Electronics, Simpsonville, SC

As a top-tier supplier of interconnect and assembly packaging solutions, Woven Electronics offers the most affordable, efficient, and uniquely engineered products for today’s technically advanced, critical applications. Our many extraordinary products include woven cables and wire harnesses, backshells, fiber optics, and connectors. While these products are tailored to the specific needs of the customer and industry for which it is designed, they are currently deployed across several industries such as precision munitions, aircraft, commercial aviation, radar, test and instrumentation, and launching systems.

Woven Electronics has a long and well-recognized history of design expertise and product manufacturing which allows us to deliver customized, industry-specific solutions to customers like Boeing, Raytheon and many others. Woven’s expertise also includes providing outstanding design, construction, and precision assembly of custom box-level, wiring and interface to deliver a packaged and complete chassis ready for installation while deploying the most time and cost effective implementation. Our products consistently demonstrate Woven’s excellence as a premier, full-service supplier of competitive and affordable products that solve unique engineering requirements.

Now, as part of B/E Aerospace, Woven Electronics looks forward to expanding our manufacturing capabilities by capitalizing on the strength of our progressive and economical engineering while utilizing the latest advancements in technology, design, and innovation.

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