UAV Avionics

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Cable Assemblies for UAV Avionics


Mechanical Solutions:

  • Custom cable packaging
  • Custom backshells
  • Custom connectors
  • Enclosures
  • Strain reliefs for connectors
  • PC board design and integration
  • Preloaded stress relief
  • High flex constructions
  • Abrasion resistant solutions
  • Ruggedized designs
  • Repairable designs

EMI Solutions:

  • Backshells
  • Enclosures
Electrical Solutions:

  • High speed data cables
  • Match impedance RF cables
  • Semi-rigid coax assemblies
  • Controlled impedance PC boards
  • Packaging of coax, power lines, fiber optics

UAV Avionics Features:

Woven Electronics is the ideal supplier of cable harnesses and interconnect systems for the compact and lightweight Unmanned Air Vehicles. Woven engineering has over 35 years experience in packaging components to offer the highest density in the smallest envelope. Our 3-dimensional fabrication boards insure that all units will be identical to the first article, and our DWV, IR and electrical parameter testing guarantee that Woven assemblies meet every aspect of our customers’ performance specifications. Woven’s innovative and multi-functional assemblies have been used on numerous UAV Avionics programs.


UAV Avionics ApplicationsUAV Avionics Applications



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Capabilities and Cabling Solutions:
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