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Wire Assemblies for Radar Systems


Mechanical Solutions:

  • Custom cable packaging
  • Custom backshells
  • Custom connectors
  • Enclosures
  • Strain reliefs for connectors
  • PC board design and integration
  • Preloaded stress relief
  • High flex constructions
  • Abrasion resistant solutions
  • Ruggedized designs
  • Repairable designs

EMI Solutions:

  • Backshells
  • Enclosures
Electrical Solutions:

  • High speed data cables
  • Matched impedance RF cables
  • Semi-rigid coax assemblies
  • Controlled impedance PC boards
  • Packaging of coax, power lines, fiber optics

Radar Features:

Woven Electronics has been a major designer and interconnect supplier for radar platforms starting back in 1972 with the AWACS program, in which the design used a matrix of Woven Cables interlaced within a large enclosure. Today, this type of woven design is called “organized wiring” using multi-gauge wire constructions flowing in a repeatable configuration throughout the system.

This initial design was the kickoff of a product capability for which Woven Electronics is recognized in an industry requiring unique packaging and connector termination, molding, shielding and braiding capabilities. Woven Electronics provides expertise in answering the industry challenges for specialty connectors, backshells, and enclosures with cost effective solutions. Because of its full-range capabilities, Woven Electronics is the interconnect champion for ground-based, mobile, shipboard and airborne radar systems.


Radar ApplicationsRadar ApplicationsRadar ApplicationsRadar Applications



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Capabilities and Cabling Solutions:
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