Precision Munitions

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Wiring Harnesses for Precision Munitions


  • Development of innovative parts
  • Meeting cost targets
  • High and low volume requirements
  • Custom cable designs
  • Packaging
  • Micro miniature connector termination
  • Quick-turn development
  • SLA to confirming functional fit
  • Custom molded cables
  • Flex cables
  • Textile and metal braid for EMI
  • Closed cables
  • Open cables
  • 3-deminsional design tools
  • Pro E
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD

Precision Munitions Features:

Woven Electronics provides a low-cost, highly technical design approach. Through unique connector designs, custom EMI backshells, and innovative cable configurations, Woven meets the crucial mechanical envelopes and performance criteria required by today’s mission-critical precision munitions. Woven’s engineering team supports our customers’ design requirements using rapid prototyping (SLA) for mechanical proof of concept.

Our manufacturing utilizes 3-dimensional tooling with integrated test capabilities to meet the demanding needs for consistency and accuracy. All tools are certified by Woven quality assurance and customer acceptance.



Precision Munitions ApplicationsPrecision Munitions ApplicationsPrecision Munitions ApplicationsPrecision Munitions ApplicationsPrecision Munitions Applications





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