Pendant Winch Cable

The Pendant Winch Cable is a coiled retractable cable assembly that provides an electrical interface between an autonomous robotic system and its base unit and aids the robot in carrying out its programming/control functions. The coiling/retracting feature allows the assembly to extend and retract fluidly through a small vertical space while maintaining the cable’s integrity and ensuring that the position of the cable is not compromised. Specifically, the assembly is attached to a “base unit” which holds the needed information to feed commands to/from the robot.

The robot and cable assembly are then lowered through the vertical tube where the cable uncoils as the unit is lowered. Once the robot reaches its release point, it is then free to move about unhindered by the cable.

After the robot’s job is complete, the entire system returns to the base unit. While the assembly is raised up the vertical tube, the cable coils back onto the cone assembly thereby preventing the cable from becoming entangled, torn or experiencing connectivity loss. The function is complete when the robot and assembly unit is recaptured by the base unit.

From the unique size, shape and composition of the cone to the wire encasing and backshell, each facet of this assembly is custom-designed and effectively engineered to meet the specific needs of the client.

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