Marine Cable

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Marine Cable Assemblies


  • Mechanics of enclosure design
  • Cabinet design
  • Cable design and unique packaging
  • Multi-branched harness assemblies
  • Shielding requirements
  • Connector design
  • Drawer extension
  • I/O panels
  • Solution for clamping (strain relief)
  • Heat resistant solution
  • Chemical resistance
  • Ergonomics design considerations
Design Tools:

  • Pro E
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD

Marine Cable Features:

Woven Electronics has successfully designed and manufactured complex harnesses to meet the harsh shipboard and submarine environments, while also providing stringent signal transmission, sonar and EMI performance. The challenges of marine electronics and marine cable are legendary, and Woven Electronics has met and exceeded all specifications for this industry. From the standard assemblies needed for the shipboard command and control centers to the multi-missile launching systems, to the unique and dynamic harnesses for towed arrays for both cruisers and submarines, Woven has proven itself to be the reliable and innovative resource for all maritime OEMs.


Marine Cable ApplicationsMarine Cable Applications



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