Launching Systems

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Wire Assemblies for Launching Systems


  • Mechanics of enclosure design
  • Cabinet design
  • Cable design and unique packaging
  • Multi-branched harness assemblies
  • Shielding requirements
  • Connector design
  • Drawer extension
  • I/O panels
  • Solution for clamping (strain relief)
  • Heat resistant solution
  • Chemical resistance
  • Ergonomics design considerations
Design Tools:

  • Pro E
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD

Launching Systems Features:

Woven Electronics has played a major role in design activities for weapons launching systems dating back to the early 1980’s. Providing cabinets for shipboard use with total intergration and ready for electronic installation at the OEM’s facility. The system’s wire count was in excess of 58,000 and Woven received numerous quality awards during the 9-year production run. In this role Woven provided design support, wire management and mechanical design of hardware.

Woven continues to offer organized wiring solutions to meet critical envelopes. An ongoing program has gone through several design changes supporting fleet upgrades and requiring unique shielding concepts to reduce volume and weight.

Woven Engineering designs mechanical enclosures to meet EMI, environmental and ergonomic requirements as the specifications become increasingly stringent.

All systems are subjected to full qualification at the systems level and are designed to meet these demanding specifications. Woven is equally able to qualify the subassemblies for specific attributes.


Launching Systems ApplicationsLaunching Systems ApplicationsLaunching Systems ApplicationsLaunching Systems Applications



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