About Woven Electronics

Woven Electronics offers an extraordinary range of interconnect products including; woven and conventional cable harnesses, backshells and connectors, as well as a perimeter security system called LightLOC.

Founded in 1963, Woven Electronics combines an innovative and knowledgeable engineering team with a versatile and reliable manufacturing group. The result is a resource for military, aerospace, and commercial customers to engage for cable harness, backshell and connector design expertise and product manufacturing. Woven Electronics has 250 employees and is located in Simpsonville, SC.


Woven Electronics Facility

Simpsonville, South Carolina
The Simpsonville, SC facility is conveniently located about halfway between Atlanta and Charlotte in a suburb of Greenville, SC. It is a 16 acre site with over 90,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Woven has the capability to terminate any connector type with woven or non-woven packaging. Woven’s capabilities also include the resources to handle all cable requirements from design to completely tested interconnect systems installed in your hardware.

Some of the many resources are expert cable specialists who are available for consultation on solutions to transmission and termination problems; DIT-MCO analyzers, eye-pattern testers, digital scopes, CAD machines, wire markers, weaving looms, braiders, milling machines and so much more.

Woven Electronics will work with you any way that best suits your needs. Woven can follow your specifications exactly; or we can suggest modification to improve performance. We can also start with your basic problem and work out the right answer entirely at Woven Electronics. Our research and development never stops. Our quality assurance system never relaxes. Our customers keep coming back.


Company History

Woven Company HistoryWoven Electronics emerged from the textile industry in 1963 with a unique idea of weaving circuits, during a time when the printed circuit board was only 2 dimensional – one layer.

Using fiberglass to weave silver-plated wire, the Woven Circuit, called WOCIR allowed the designer to convert a schematic into an X-Y matrix, replicating a multi-layer board that was flexible and compact. This technological discovery is the basis for much of Woven’s current eTextile design, and the innovative thinking that led to this exciting product has been the key to Woven Electronics’ success.

From that beginning, Woven determined that weaving of wire provides the best means of organizing interconnects, and in addition can be designed to provide abrasion resistance, shielding and mechanical strength to harness assemblies. Weaving also creates a natural sinusoid, mimicking the configuration of twisted pair and allowing for control of crosstalk and impedance. Woven personnel are equally adept at using conventional round cables for specific environments and integrating EMI shielding and backshells.

Woven Electronics has evolved into a resource for our customers to use for interconnect, backshell and connector design and manufacturing. Woven has also developed a remarkable suite of perimeter security products called LightLOC. Woven Electronics is a B/E Aerospace Company.

Capabilities and Cabling Solutions:
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