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Woven Electronics Receives Boeing Cost Avoidance Award

Boeing recognizes Woven Electronics’ commitment to lean manufacturing with the Boeing Cost Avoidance Award. Since 2000, Woven Electronics has initiated dramatic measures to maintain manufacturing practices that adhere to this “lean” approach. Working with Boeing as part of a lean improvement program, Woven has successfully applied Six Sigma strategies to reduce lead-time, inventory and waste as part of the Supplier…read more →

Pendant Winch Cable

The Pendant Winch Cable is a coiled retractable cable assembly that provides an electrical interface between an autonomous robotic system and its base unit and aids the robot in carrying out its programming/control functions. The coiling/retracting feature allows the assembly to extend and retract fluidly through a small vertical space while maintaining the cable’s integrity and ensuring that the position…read more →

Woven Electronics is the premier designer and integrator of interconnect and assembly packaging solutions.

Woven Electronics, Simpsonville, SC As a top-tier supplier of interconnect and assembly packaging solutions, Woven Electronics offers the most affordable, efficient, and uniquely engineered products for today’s technically advanced, critical applications. Our many extraordinary products include woven cables and wire harnesses, backshells, fiber optics, and connectors. While these products are tailored to the specific needs of the customer and industry…read more →

Capabilities and Cabling Solutions:
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