High Speed Microwave

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High Speed Microwave


Mechanical Solutions:

  • Custom cable packaging
  • Custom backshells
  • Custom connectors
  • Enclosures
  • Strain reliefs for connectors and PC boards
  • Preloaded stress relief
  • High flex constructions
  • Abrasion resistant solutions
  • Ruggedized designs
  • Repairable designs

EMI Solutions:

  • Backshells
  • Enclosures
  • Unique gross shield splices
  • Gross shield and textile braiding capabilities
  • Woven ground planes
  • Utilization of e Textile conductive fiber for gross shields

Electrical Solutions:

  • High speed data cables
  • Matched impedance RF cables
  • Semi-rigid coax assemblies
  • Controlled impedance PC boards
  • Packaging of coax, power lines, fiber optics
  • Utilization of e Textile conductive fiber for signal lines

Design Tools:

  • ProE
  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD

High Speed Microwave Features:

Woven Electronics engineering has over 35 years experience in providing interconnect solutions. Our ability to produce complex cable assemblies and interconnect systems that have withstood extreme environments is proven by applications currently in the field supporting today’s war fighter. We are a leading manufacturer of mission critical RF/Microwave assemblies and wire harnesses. Our Engineering team supports our customers design activity utilizing modeling and rapid prototyping (SLA) for mechanical proof of concept. We can verify functional fit and provide a mechanical enclosure that is integrated into the final full up assembly. This activity starts from the conception of a project with our engineering acting as an extension of the customer’s engineering group. Each assembly is optimized for the customer’s requirements including:

  • Performance
  • Packaging
  • Installed costs

Our ability to package and harness RF-Microwave assemblies is unrivaled in the industry. Complex harnesses, ribbonized coax, custom back-shells, molding and flexible conduits are just a few of the ways Woven can package RF/Microwave assemblies to meet your requirements. Electrical parameters include; VSWR and phase matched performance to 65GHz. Our manufacturing is divided into cells for quick prototypes, small and medium volumes. Applications include: radar, control systems and telecommunications.

Woven Electronics encourages you to visit our facility near Greenville, SC to discuss your requirements’ with our engineers.







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