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New Woven Controlled Impedance Cable Brochure

Controlled Impedance Cable Woven’s Controlled Impedance cable is ideal for board to board applications where a flexible, light-weight cable is advantageous. It has replaced flex-circuits, twisted-pairs and coax, solving huge packaging issues and improving reliability. There’s nothing else like it in the industry.

New Brochure: Custom Designed, Highly Engineered Solutions for Electronics, Power, Interconnect, Data Storage and Processing Systems.

B/E Aerospace Electronic Systems provides custom designed, highly engineered solutions for electronics, power, interconnect, data storage and processing systems supporting military and commercial applications. Made up of three facilities with over 100 years of combined experience, B/E’s Electronic Systems serves a multitude of OEMs across several different markets, giving customers the unique opportunity to leverage experience with creativity and responsiveness…read more →

Capabilities and Cabling Solutions:
  aircraft  Launching Systems  Radar  UAV  Marine  Medical  Fiber  Microwave  Molded and EMI Backshells  Contract